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All for the love of games

Katchit was born in the future, the best interactive mobile games.

Participants will search for items throughout the city to obtain prizes, these can be distributed in small compliments for completing the day or big trophies for the first 3 of the grand final.

The game is divided into phases, in which there are a series of clues that must be resolved, making the participants move from one place to another in the city.

Users will receive specific coins and items when hunting a type or other of character.


There can be as many as needed. Mark is the level of difficulty to find or hunt them which determines the value of rewards, direct prizes, or accumulated coins. The heat compass and the progress map, as well as the real map, will help users complete steps and generate curiosity through the locked stages.

About Us

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We are in
Porto, Portugal

Porto has mysteries that emotion Katchit and transforms into digital. A futuristic game designed from one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We are proud to show you what we produce, it will be beautiful to see!

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