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The player seeks to earn items, discounts and challenges in their vicinity, as they move and collect digital items these enter directly into their wallet!

Thinking about the player...


Play to win items, discounts or points at your favorites brands and stores.


They can be hidden or just right in front of you, they are everywhere and they can be yours!

It`s yours

Don't worry, it's yours!
Order the item to your home or pick up at the nearest partner store.


All in one platform for brands to enter in the mixed reality!

Built for brands...


The real-world Katchit is groundbreaking immersive technology.

Virtual identity

A virtual identity for any innovative and futuristic brand.


Immersive advertising and mixed ads are going to be the future of marketing.


A marketplace that will allow the purchase of item in augmented reality.


The new trend will change both how marketing are made and how people interact with them.

Events brands

Possibility for brands to have unique events or festivals anywhere in the world.

Definition and ecosystem

The transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 will not only impact the modus operandi of (major) brands, but also the way in which consumers live, work, and experience entertainment.

The evolution of simulated, 3D worlds presents a particularly massive opportunity for brands. The transition from diffused physical spaces and into virtual worlds provides them with a new opportunity to reach a highly condensed mass of users that is more difficult to both approach and monetize through other forms of advertising. This transition into virtual worlds can only accelerate as the current generations of digital natives age and as virtual experiences become more authentic.


Fast-moving brands like Nike, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, or technology brands like Meta—to name just a few—recognized this shifting of the tide and have already developed metaverse strategies.



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