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Explore the world's largest destination of inspiring and immersive WebAR experiences powered by Katchit.

"We’re building a future where the real world is overlaid with digital creations, entertainment and information, making it more magical, fun and engagement”

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For brands

At Katchit, we see these emerging concepts as a signpost to the future of enterprise technology, user experience and the way companies do business.


The Player

The game involves a complete sensory experience, where the objective is play to earn Katchit`s.

Katchs in digital and receive in reality!


Immersive tool

Katchit tech is the most powerful immersive tool that creates a virtual connection between brand and consumer.


Power of games in real World Map

Players navigate nearby via a real map, we use augmented reality to create an immersive experience.

Katchit, as an innovative and vibrant brand, offers a unique experience that combines technology, interactivity, and fun. It stands out for its creative and engaging approach, perfectly aligned with the spirit of any event.

Katchit's activation will elevate the participants' experience and add value to the event. The combination of immersive ads and objects integrated with gaming creates a value-added proposition.

Brand Activation


Teaser campaigns

We start a few weeks before the event, aiming to build anticipation. Through videos, news, posts, and ads, we gradually reveal what Katchit has in store. Partnerships with relevant influencers will generate buzz.

In the event

Creation of immersive 3D Objects

We position customized 3D objects throughout the event locations, creating multiple points of visual interaction and reinforcing the presence of participating brands in an immersive way.

At the event and post-event

Social Sharing

Participants are encouraged to share their experiences on social media, using custom hashtags and taking selfies at dedicated points, thereby increasing the strategic visibility of the brands.

Control the flow of people

Influencing Behaviors

To manage and control the flow of people, we can use strategies like launching a "shower" of items or discounts at strategic moments and locations, encouraging participants to move to specific areas.

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Katchit Rock logo

Katchit in Rio, we gamify the Rock in Rio Lisbon 2024

These general metrics represent Katchit's activation and the influence of promotional actions during the festival with more than 300k people.
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Katchit Rock logo

Katchit in


Game immersive experience

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Burguer king logo
Mbway logo
Caxamar logo
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When big brands come together to make history, there's no way not to give Katchit!

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